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What Does Keri Do?

Hello! For those who don't know me, I am Jess's Marketing and Media Coordinator, Keri. I joined the team in January 2023 as the Marketing Assistant for the series. You may have heard Jess refer to me fondly as her brain cell, HAHA! What exactly do I do for Jess tho?

In theory, I handle all of the things Jess doesn't want to do, but it's a little more detailed than that! I handle the design and update of the website! From the graphics to the page layouts, that's all me! We have also been working super hard to get the books available in more places! This has involved investing more in distribution. Me and Jess have tackled this monumental task together! We now have the books available for indie bookstores to order and are actively working to get the books available in as many places as possible, so stay tuned!

I also attend events with Jess! Our biggest event of the year is DragonCon. If you have been to any Con or DragonCon specifically, you know that they can be incredibly hectic. At these events, me and Jess are often focused on running around and finding the panels that she is speaking on. My job is to keep us on task, navigate us to the correct locations, make social media posts, and record her panels! We also do smaller events focused on vending throughout the year, at these events I work on checking out the customers and convincing people to buy the books!

Overall, I do many little things for Jess here and there to keep the series on track, such as merch and social media management. Working for Jess and with this series has been an absolutely amazing experience! Jess has become a great friend throughout this process, and I am honored to be a part of this project to advance her passions further! We have already developed the series so much since I was brought on the team. I am excited to see how the relaunch changes the series. Also, huge shoutout to the readers and the discord for always giving me a laugh!

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