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Mercy's Light

Mercy has been keeping a secret from his loved ones and his village. A secret that could very well end his life. Descended from a group of ancient warriors from Aitus, Mercy is destined to become the greatest Keeper of Light the planet has ever seen, but one mistake will cost him everything.


With his secret out, Mercy must now find a way to free his people and keep himself alive before Queen Mala and her Unity Council can cause any more damage. With the help of his best friend, Sylas, and an unlikely ally from the capital of Ozra, Mercy will need to master his Keeping of the Light Source and learn to accept who he was always meant to be.  ​


In this Sci-Fi/Fantasy novel, Mercy must go on a life-changing journey to find his inner strength, confront his traumas, face his greatest fears, and find his voice. 

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Mercy's Reign

After the events of Spheara, Mercy Validus is faced with his biggest challenge yet; a fight for his life, those he cares for, and his own sanity. His foundation begins to crumble as his friendships with Sylas and Caligo become strained, and he starts to understand just how much power he truly holds. He watches as his true inability to protect those he cares for becomes evident and the pressure continues to build.

Meanwhile, Caligo's battle as King of Novus Aitus worsens. With a rebel group going by Malice targeting those around him and the National Council questioning his every move, Cal must try to keep himself from falling deeper into his depression and find peace within Novus Aitus before war breaks out. With the weight of ruling the planet on his shoulders, he begins to see that his success may not lead to his true happiness. 


In this Sci-Fi/Fantasy novel, the second installment of the Source Keepers, friendships will be tested, and trust will be broken as our main trio grapples to keep themselves from surrendering to their own internal struggles.

Caligo's Fall

With Bryer Nitesems and Malice on a rampage, Caligo, Sylas, and Zero are scrambling to find a way to bring their friend back from the brink. With the rebels now taking shots too close to home and leaving mass destruction in their wake, the group must act fast. Trying to run a monarchy where the world is against you is proving to be a struggle for Caligo though.

In the third installment of the Keepers Series, Caligo takes the role of the title character as he navigates his new status and power alongside his partner Sylas and friend Zero Skerrick. Following the events of Mercy’s Reign, the trio will venture further and push their Source magic beyond anything seen before. As a team, they must overcome deceit, hardship, and hesitation to find a way to shift the current timeline in their favor.

In this novel, we meet a new cast of characters and watch our favorites find their inner strength, confront their pasts, and pave the way for a more promising future.

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Caligo's Crow
An Unlikely Friendship.

The first children's book in the Source Keepers Series is here! Prince Caligo is having some very big feelings, and with the help of his new friend, Nex the Crow, he is finding a way to work through them.

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