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Keepers of Light, Keepers of Shadow, Aitians, and Humans - Get to know the characters that make up The Source Keepers Series

Mercy Validus - smile.jpeg

He has phenomenal cosmic powers but would rather relive puberty than figure out how to use them. Mercy comes from the small village of Rieka in the Arui Mountains of Western Ozra. He is a blacksmith by trade, but his ability to withstand the heat comes from his magic known as the Light Source. He is often described as timid and quiet, but is clever, fast, and has a knack for problem solving. He calls himself an inventor, oftentimes coming up with new and elaborate ways to improve things. He also is skilled in jewelry making, wood carving, and sewing.

“Did you target me because I was easy to break, or because I was already broken?" 

Sylas Bellator (1).jpeg

This young man is either referred to as the comic relief or a walking history book. No one knows more about the history of Light and Shadow Sources on Novus Aitus than this bookworm. Sylas grew up the youngest of two boys in Rieka, Ozra, and took an interest in the Sources and history at a young age. Skilled with a bow and arrow, it’s no surprise he found himself a place in the Ozran Guard. When he isn’t spewing out puns, researching, or on a mission, you’ll find Sylas reading romance or fantasy novels.

“A monster can't be real because it doesn't have a name. It's called a monster when there's nothing else to call it.

Caligo Tenebris (1).jpeg

Tall, dark, and terrifying. Caligo is everyone’s favorite mass murderer with a big heart. His magic lies with the Source of Shadows, earning him the title of Prince of Death under his mother’s reign. He grew up the eldest of two children and for much of his life felt he was in competition with his sister Tristia. He tends to have a short temper and is called dramatic by his partner Sylas. Cal is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to his blades and magic. He also has a mind for politics and is rarely seen without his sketchbook on his hip.

“Trauma is a heavy burden. You choose who to bear it with when you are ready

Pippa Dror (1).jpg

Though she is often dismissed due to her age and lack of experience, Pippa will always be the smartest person in the room. She grew up as an only child in a wealthy family from Sintus, Ozra. The closest person she had to a sibling was Caligo, the two growing quite close during his mentorship with her mother, Novi. She is an acolyte of the Sources and is often brought in to consult on Source-related matters for the monarchy. Her mother didn’t just teach her the ways of the Sources though, Pippa is also a skilled fighter.

“Do not become someone you are not out of fear.

Zero Skerrick.jpeg

He is known to be crafty with a keen eye for detail and strategy. This Keeper of Light joined Caligo’s inner circle as a Sentry Officer shortly after Spheara, and quickly became an advisor and friend of the throne. Not much is known about his past or personal life, other than a lengthy prison stay during the genocide, where he was used as a living lie detector due to his empathic abilities. Zero tends to be the resident pessimist of the group, constantly spewing sarcasm at his comrades and insisting he never lies.

“I need to go take a nap or throw myself off the roof. I haven't decided yet.

Liliya Clarus.jpg

Lili is the youngest of the Clarus daughters, and the only one still living. Though from Rieka, Ozra, she took up residence with her sister Kainda in Dirth, Vicinia, near Doma. On a trip to Dirth, she was detained for being a Light Keeper and brought to the Ozran prison. Lili returned to Dirth after Spheara and was reunited with her sister’s family. During an attack on the homestead though, Lili lost her sister and became the caretaker of her niece Ambiel and nephew Aspen. With them in her care and a baby on the way, she found herself joining the rebel group Malice.

“Your fear is strong but you are stronger

Kittrick Lyta.jpg

He is the resident camp gremlin and the son of the rebel leader Bryer Nitesems. Kitt is a young Penumbra known for his outgoing and talkative nature, and mischievous antics. He was raised by his mother until her passing when he was only 10. From there, he lived out his life on the
streets, stealing to get by. At the age of 14, he was reported to the Juvenile Placement Council and put into the care of his father. Upon coming into his Source, Kitt’s mentor quickly realized he was not able to wield his Light Source, the use of it blinding Kittrick. Though still young, Kitt shows promise to become a gifted Keeper.

Aspen Ferrum.jpg

He is a teenager with a love of animals and a vast knowledge of plants. Born marked as a Keeper of Light, Aspen was given up at the age of 9 by his biological family in hopes Kainda and Paric could keep him safe from the Light Keeper genocide. His life with his adoptive family was secluded, giving him little interaction with people his age, but he enjoyed the solitude. Most days, Aspen spends filling books with drawings of plants and animals to later research, hoping to one day put his knowledge to use as an herbal practitioner. He is known to be a gentle and quiet person, but Aspen has a natural talent with a sword.

Shay Tract.jpg

A young Shadow Keeper thrusted into the spotlight at just 17 years old. This young woman may be the most gifted Keeper in Ozra, studying under the same mentor as Prince Caligo Tenebris. Born to a wealthy family in Parvis, Shay was marked a Shadow Keeper. By the time she came into her magic, she had caught the eye of the Shadow Guard and Queen Mala. Her ability to use her magic to mentally manipulate those around her makes her both an asset and a threat. Not much else is known at this time about Shay.

“If I've learned anything, going into a battle with allies is better than going alone.


The eldest of the Validus children, Trust spent 10 years in the Ozran Prison. His ability to astral project was the key to his survival during this time. As the eldest sibling, Trust has a strong desire to protect his younger brother Mercy, and those he grew up with. He becomes a vital force in the events in Mercy’s Light and, later in the series, takes the form of Mercy’s conscious and guiding light as he navigates life post-Spheara.

“Some people’s time in this world may be brief, but don’t let their short existence in your life cause you to lose your purpose." 

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