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About the Author

Jess grew up with a love for storytelling. From a young age, she was entering writing competitions and filmed short videos with friends and family in her hometown of Red Bud, IL. She used her love of storytelling as a way to cope with the grief she experienced in her teenage years and early 20s. She began writing as her main form of expression in 2015 with the encouragement of her family and late friend Cloe Beck. After losing Cloe, unexpectedly in 2017, Jess stepped away from her writing to focus on obtaining her graduate degree. 

Following her graduation from DePaul University in 2019, where she completed her Masters in Cinema Post Production, she began using her free time to write again. This was after a professor voiced how much he enjoyed the original story ideas presented in his class. He encouraged her to pick up the keyboard again and bring them to fruition. One of those ideas was Mercy's Light, which she had been working on since she was 12 years old. In that year Jess completed several projects that she shelved for the future, but in 2020 she decided it was time to follow her childhood dream and publish her work. 

With the support of her friends, family, and the followers of her social media accounts under stressinabox, Jess has found herself ready to take that leap by self-publishing her debut novel Mercy's Light which has led to the continuation of The Source Keepers.

Today, Jess resides in Tifton, GA.

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Meet The Team

Patrick likes to describe himself as a 'Jack of All Trades, Master of None'. When he isn't bringing the profound characters of Jess's mind to life, he his working in his workshop woodworking or bookbinding. When he isn't doing those things he's playing Dungeons & Dragons. He aspires to continue to his career as a voice actor, film actor, and stage actor.

Audiobook Narrator 

Patrick Wallace

Keri Russell


Media and Marketing Coordinator 

Keri is a marketing expert with a passion for art and graphic design. She is from south Georgia and loves her family deeply, as well as her four-legged friends - two cats, a dog, a leopard gecko, and a bearded dragon. Keri has developed a strong background in portrait art, specifically using charcoal. With her creative eye and marketing savvy mind, Keri is ready to take on new challenges and make a lasting impression.

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