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Author Events and Why I Love Them!

One of my favorite things about being an author is getting out there and doing pop up tables. Whether this is at a bookstore, comic shop, market, or more! It's truly so much fun to get out of the house, talk about my books, and interact with new readers. After a few events at the end of 2023 though, I just wasn't feeling myself. I was tired, achey, and the idea of doing tables became so burdensome I wasn't sure what to do. Well... We're back BABY!

Turns out you just have to get a nearly 18-inch by 7.5-inch ovarian cyst removed to feel like your old self again because 2 days after getting an all-clear from my doctor, I was back out doing tables. It was just at the local coffee shop's monthly market, but it felt like a HUGE milestone for me. Not only was I back out doing tables, but I was EXCITED. I could feel my spark was back. I was stoked to be looking at new items to carry at the tables and found myself searching for more and more locations to fill my summer and fall with so I could keep meeting new and established readers. The day before the market I went through my inventory a total of 3 times just to make sure I had everything I needed. Not because I was nervous I didn't, but because I was excited to be back.

Since my first table of 2024 I've been looking into how I can expand my inventory and support other indie creatives. I think by July, I'll have an entirely redone table because that's how invested I am. For June I've been keeping it to local events through.

My debut 2024 table was at Espresso41 Coffee Company. I sold a handful of books and met some amazing people. I also got to see some friends and fellow local authors. I had Keri with me, and both of us were more than excited to start off with a small local market for our return. It was like dipping our toes back in before a chaotic July! June you'll also be able to find me at the Valdosta Makers Market on the 15th and a return to Gray Ghost Comics on June 29th.

You can check out my other events below or on the events page! In July we'll be hitting Atlanta, GA, Panama City, FL, and Jacksonville, FL!

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