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Turning a daydream into a real life success

BALTIMORE — Guess who is living here now? Jess Anderson. The lady with the clicks is now a page turner!

See what happens when you daydream in school. You dream of the day your novel is released.

Just two months ago, Jess’s book, Mercy’s Light came out. It is a sci-fi fantasy.

“I kind of created the world in my head when I was 12 years old,” she said.

Now at 27, the secret is out.

Her first pre-teen draft changed, only one character remains. You can thank a college professor for telling her, “Write this book.

She quickly sold over a thousand copies at Barnes and Noble and on Amazon. Jess is getting rave reviews for her work. She just held a limited edition autograph session.

“People are paying me to buy a book with my name on it,” said a humble Anderson.

A famous name she made for herself on Tik Tok: go to @stressinabox.

"I would do comedy content, make up videos and animals, because I love animals,” she said.

Especially Axolotl creatures. It is not uncommon for her to get 10 million views. She has 2 million followers.

“All of a sudden I am famous, and getting recognized and I’m on famous birthdays dot com," said Jess.

She’s a hit with teen age girls but by the book, she is becoming a cult hero with moms.

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