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What are Keepers?


What are Keepers?


A Keeper is marked at birth. Destined to bring balance to the world. The duty of a Keeper is to protect the life that keeps a planet in balance. No matter how difficult that may be. Their job is to remember that every life holds value in this world and restore the balance of Light and Dark.

Where do they come from?


They hail from the planet Aitus, a planet far from Earth. When the Aitians came to aid Earth they changed the name to Novus Aitus and and took control to heal the planet. While the Keepers, a warrior from their home world, were meant to remain dormant on the new planet, the objective being to create a planet of peace, someone or something awakened them.


Why are they feared?


Being the only threat to the Tenebris monarchy's pursuit of a twisted perfection and the citizens having little knowledge of their abilities, the people of Novus Aitus grew to fear the Keepers and all they could do. Their history became twisted by the rulers of the planet and those who were born marked became targeted as criminals and were put to slaughter. 


Keeper of Light

Marked with white hair, white irises, and fair skin, these Keepers stick out in a crowd and are not easily hidden. They have the ability to manipuate energy and light with the aid of the Light Source. Their powers range greatly and they are often discovering new forms of their magic. They are usually the peacekeepers of their community and have a powerful connection to the Elder Spirits.


Not much is known about Penumbras other than the fact they are considered a bridge between the Light and Shadow Sources. They seem to be able to borrow powers of each of the Sources and exhibit abilities from both. Depending on how they came to be, they will favor one Source over the other. 


Keeper of Shadows

Marked with pewter skin, dark irises, and black hair. Few also bear the signs of dark veins and black tipped fingers. They have the ability to manipulate energy and create a dark fog known as spiritum fog that they can manipulate at will. The fog acts as an extension of their body and can be used to grab things or deliver powerful blows. These Keepers tend to be warriors and asserters to offset a Light Keeper's timid demeaner.




This is a gift given to a Keeper to enhance their abilities. This gift can be manifested in many ways. Some Keepers are given the ability to see the future, commune with the dead, manipulate memories, and more. There is seeming to be no limit to what a peritia can be. These gifts tend to be unique to each Keeper. The only limit is a Keeper of Shadows cannot use their peritia on a Light Keeper or anyone protected by the Light Source.



Each Keeper is given a Nota by the Elder Spirits. This is someone or something created to guide them on their journey. Their goal is to help them master their gifts and protect their Keeper. They usually come in the form of a animal and are recognized by others as a household pet. A Shadow Keeper cannot touch or harm a Light Keeper's Nota for any reason. 


These are relics manifested and blessed by the Elders with unique properties. These items are saught after by many Keepers as they can grant them speacial abilities, increased power, or pardons from their limitations. They are often made of rare crystals or stones from Aitus and most are unsure how they even made their way to Novus Aitus.

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